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Version: 1.0.6

UI Elements

Progress Dialog#

BharatX SDK automatically shows a progress dialog when the user wants to make a BharatX transaction during the BharatXCommonUtilManager.confirmTransactionWithUser flow. However, it is your responsibility to show/hide the progress bar once the user confirms the transaction.

To close the progress dialog:

Your Android App
// show the progress dialogBharatXCommonUtilManager.showBharatXProgressDialog(this);// close the progress dialogBharatXCommonUtilManager.closeBharatXProgressDialog();

Transaction Success/Failure Dialog#


Showing this dialog is optional. However, we recommend it to ensure the user has a consistent experience with BharatX, resulting an improvement in the UX of your app.

When your app checks with your server (which makes an S2S call to our server) about the status of the transaction, and the status is a definite success or failure, you can use the following method to show the Transaction Success/Failure Dialog.

Your Android App
boolean isTransactionSuccessful = // from your server; type booleanBharatXCommonUtilManager.showTransactionStatusDialog(this,  isTransactionSuccessful,  new BharatXCommonUtilManager.TransactionStatusShowListener() {    void onStatusDialogClose() {        // transaction status dialog closed. your app has control now.    }  });