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This document describes the transactional APIs for UPI Credit.

Create a transaction to a UPI QR#

This API end-point can be used to initiate a transaction towards a QR code.

API Definition#

Headers:Authorization: Basic abcde=Content-Type: application/json
Body:{  "userPhoneNumber":"+919999999999",  "merchantTransactionId":"string",  "amount":1000,  "target":"QR",  "QR":{    "data":"upi//pay?pn=bharatx"  }}
  • userPhoneNumber: the phone number of the user with country code
  • merchantTransactionId: unique transaction ID supplied by the merchant
  • amount: The amount to be transferred
  • target: must be "QR" or "partner"
  • QR is required for target="QR"
  • The data scanned as such from a QR Scanner

Check the status of the Transaction#

The status of the transaction can be obtained using the API described below. In addition to that, merchants can configure webhook URLs on the dashboard to receive the transaction state changes notification directly as an S2S call.

API Definition#

Headers:Authorization: Basic abcde=
  • merchantTransactionId: the transaction ID provided by the merchant while initiating the transaction